Freelance work paid for with cryptocurrencies
(Bitcoin, Ethereum and others)
No fees for direct payments!
Avoid price volatility! Affiliate program


We are a very young project (launched 3 months ago) and these are our plans.
Currently they look like this, but it all might change someday.


Done Publish and edit Projects and Offers
Done Bidding for projects
Done Bidding for offers
Done Hourly / fixed rates
Done Categories for offers


Announced Better project management (Each Invoice should create an order with the deadline, delivery and acceptance)
Announced Rating and review system
Announced Anonymous feedback
Announced Social profile integration (LinkedIn, GitHub, Reddit, etc..) — possibly better trust system
Announced Proven skills and vetting
Announced Automatic detection of transactions (currently, you have to manually check block explorers)


Announced Escrow service for 1-2% comission (we recommend using pre-payment and milestone payments for now)
Announced Google Translate integration for frictionless communication