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ARENON - AREcraft minecraft server decentralized in-game currency looking for more team members and programmers COMPLETED

by AREcraft
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)

Budget: 1.00-100.00 $

Posted: 10 months ago

Ended: 10 months ago

we are a project called ARENON - AREcraft
and run a cryptocurrency and a minecraft server on which the cryptocurrency
as a decentralized secure in-game currency exists.

Now we are looking for more team members and programmers to help us with the server
expand and publicize.

What we offer:
A complete server infrastrucktur
Dedicated Minecraft Server:
2x 256GB Nvme in the raid 0
1GB UP & DOWN link

VPS server:

we charge the server costs, you do not have to pay anything!
In addition, you still get a share of our cryptocurrency ARENON!

What we expect:
Team members = advising players, support, help with testing new plugins, motivation, enthusiasm for the project, you are also welcome to contribute your own ideas.

Programmers = JAVA, Minecraft Plugins, English or German, support for your own plugins, enhancements, you are also welcome to contribute your own ideas.

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