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INDIAN MALE needed - read voice scripts out loud and record voice COMPLETED

by Hanna Indiana
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)

Budget: 15.00-300.00 $

Posted: 3 months ago

Ended: 3 months ago

Hello there, applicants,

You will be reading several scripts as a voice actor, you will record your voice and then send me the recorded audio. No extra recording equipment is needed, simply use your smartphone.

This will be an easy job. Relatively high hourly rate, but only a few hours per week, for as many weeks as you are able to continue. This is not a short term job, please do not apply unless you want to take on a small amount of work over a long time.

You are:

Age under 35 roughly
Speak english well (strong Indian accent is fine)
Have a good memory

IMPORTANT: You will NOT simply speak the script out loud while you are reading the script at the same time. You must act natural, and sound natural.

Small bonuses will be awarded to you for speed of getting the job promptly when I do message you with a new script to record.

Thankyou for considering taking on this job.

Kind Regards,

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