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by Deniz Şahin
(User last online: 3 days ago)

Budget: 60.00-120.00 $

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Ends: 1 week from now

Hello, I want a BASİC fintech company for myself. İncluding account, debit, virtual and credit card system(without interest and without master or visa based) and POS system. Also please give me inf...

Linux email server - ephemeral guest mode

by samjs
(User last online: 17 hours ago)

Budget: 250.00-350.00 $

Posted: 2 days ago

Ends: 4 days from now

Looking for an experienced Linux email system designer/admin to help us build a catch-all receive-only email server. Specifically, the deliverable is a set of configuration files and (if necessary...

INDIAN MALE needed - read voice scripts out loud and record voice COMPLETED

by Hanna Indiana
(User last online: 1 week ago)

Budget: 15.00-300.00 $

Posted: 1 week ago

Ended: 3 days ago

Hello there, applicants, You will be reading several scripts as a voice actor, you will record your voice and then send me the recorded audio. No extra recording equipment is needed, simply use you...

Forum development COMPLETED

by amin
(User last online: 2 days ago)

Budget: 60.00-120.00 $

Posted: 1 week ago

Ended: 5 days ago

i've forum source written in, you need to do very simple tasks but tasks are a lot, like create a good design for the forum, i'll send you forum sample, adding some features(forum sample will...

Graphic designs COMPLETED

by developer
(User last online: 11 hours ago)

Budget: 100.00-500.00 $

Posted: 1 week ago

Ended: 1 week ago

i need a good graphics designer for my company designs

Blockchain Web Developer needed for a startup COMPLETED

by Alex Mashtalir
(User last online: 2 weeks ago)

Budget: 1000.00-5000.00 $

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Ended: 1 week ago

Hello, developers! Requires a person with good knowledge in the following areas: Blockchain, Ethereum, in general Cryptocurrencies; Smart-contracts; ICO development, wallet development;...

Aergo Infographic Competition COMPLETED

by Aergo Community
(User last online: 1 month ago)

Budget: 0.00-320.00 $

Posted: 1 month ago

Ended: 1 month ago

Aergo Q2-QPU Infographic Competition We've recently launched our Quarterly Project Update (QPU) for Q2 and would like to kick off an infographics competition! 🎨 Up to $320 for grabs! Prizes 🥇1...

Local ebay sellers COMPLETED

by alecfisker
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)

Budget: 100.00-500.00 $

Posted: 2 months ago

Ended: 1 month ago

Local ebay sellers (,, others check if your country have local ebay site) Create listings, high profit items provided Company fulfillment, commissions, 500 us month How to...

email list sort COMPLETED

by amnak2009
(User last online: 1 month ago)

Budget: 10.00-30.00 $

Posted: 1 month ago

Ended: 1 month ago

i need a program that sort duplicates emails and save in 2 different text files. Save to file 1: total.txt (here are saved all emails without duplicates, this is like a database). Save to file 2: sa...

Professional/Academic English writing COMPLETED

by wonderwhy
(User last online: 1 month ago)

Budget: 50.00-100.00 $

Posted: 1 month ago

Ended: 1 month ago

Hello. I need Professional Text writing in English US. Just a page. I just need to make sure everything is written correctly at a professional scale. So, I will pass you a text in English in order for...

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