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Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

by MintDice
(User last online: 14 hours ago)

Budget: 0.00-50.00 $

Posted: 1 week ago

Ends: 4 weeks from now

Looking for people to use the MintDice Bitcoin affiliate marketing program link and provide access to this around the web. The revenue stream would then be two fold: Any time you get users to click...

Assistent needed for daily work - data entry, data scraping

by James Andrew
(User last online: 1 week ago)

Budget: 10.00-500.00 $

Posted: 1 week ago

Ends: 2 weeks from now

Need someone who can help with data entry, data scraping, text correction. Example of work: - ad posting - saving data from websites (text, pictures) The work is very easy just time consuming....

Person to Person PayPal transactions

by nomada
(User last online: 10 hours ago)

Budget: 5.00-30.00 $

Posted: 12 hours ago

Ends: 2 days from now

I'M HIRING AN EXPERT PAPAL DEVELOPER (integrations, etc) I want to provide in my website a free of charge service to allow any PayPal registered user to send a transaction to any another PayPal reg...

Display in html a single wallet balance in BTC and USD along with 10 last transactions in real time

by nomada
(User last online: 10 hours ago)

Budget: 5.00-30.00 $

Posted: 13 hours ago

Ends: 2 days from now

[AJAX and JQUERY developer needed] The easiest way to understand what I need is to check two websites 1) 2) All I need...

Frontend and Backend Developer

by Staffing
(User last online: 1 day ago)

Budget: 0.00-65.00 $

Posted: 1 week ago

Ends: 2 days from now

We are looking for frontend developers and one backend developers to support our development team during the next couple of month. Experience in the following technologies are required: Backend:...

Casino Website development

by amin
(User last online: 11 hours ago)

Budget: 100.00-200.00 $

Posted: 19 hours ago

Ends: 1 day from now

looking for a skilled PHP developer to add Europe Ruollete And Poker Game to my Casino site, also Add cryptocurrency payment methods, Perfect money and it's Voucher as payment method, Paypal, Webmoney...

Advanced Content Writers COMPLETED

by Hai Ho
(User last online: 2 weeks ago)

Budget: 0.00-100.00 $

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Ended: 3 days ago

Looking for Technical writers that are well versed in the "Crypto" sphere. Technical, analytical, knowledgeable is a must. Example of article content would be: 1. An introductory series that...

Crypto journalist/content creator COMPLETED

by 1st Trade
(User last online: 3 days ago)

Budget: 0.00-0.00 $

Posted: 1 week ago

Ended: 5 days ago

We are looking for a crypto journalist or content creator to help with content marketing. Requirement: 1. know blockchain industry well. 2. Have writing experience with blockchain content. 3. If...


(User last online: 3 weeks ago)

Budget: 20.00-25.00 $

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Ended: 1 week ago

need xenforo developer to create addon

Help on ERC20 contract COMPLETED

(User last online: 2 weeks ago)

Budget: 2.00-4.00 $

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Ended: 2 weeks ago

Hi, We need for a project someone to help us on the ERC20 contract. We need to verify his security

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