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Are you offering your services for cryptocurrencies? Then this is the form for you.
Tell about your skills and your prices. You can, for example tell that you will "Design a logo" for $15 payable in BTC or ETH - that's an "offer" somebody can take.
You can and should post a separate offer for each of your services. If, for example, you offer to post the link to 10 sites or to 20 sites - that's two offers, submit each of them separately. If you draw things and write things - that's two different offers.
For example, if you offer content writing and seo services - create two separate offers. That way you get more exposure on site and customers see more specific offer for what they search for.
What are you offering as a freelancer? For example: "Promote your ICO", "Article writing" or "English-Italian translation services"
(All payments are in cryptocurrencies, USD amount is just for reference. The price is not meant to be final, you can discuss the requirements with customer later and issue an invoice for agreed upon price.)
The above price is: Starting at Fixed price (for whole service) Per hour
Describe the details of your offer. Tell about your experience. Link to your credentials, your recommendations and reviews. You can include links to your site, LinkedIn, Dribbble, GitHub, whatever proves your worth. (The links are "nofollow", so don't spam)
The image is very useful to attract attention. See Unsplash to download free images. The image will be resized to 500 x 380 for listing
This will be displayed as gallery + files, see here for example (opens new window). You can upload here example images of the work you've previously done alond with any PDFs, DOCs that explain your work in detail
You can add custom questions that your future customer would have to answer in order to buy your services. You can ask for small details, like site name or project details.
Max 4 categories. (The offers should be specific. If you want - you can create another offer more specific to other categories.)
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