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Web & Backend development including payment gateway

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Price: $25 per hour
I am​ a Lead developer with ​over 11 years of experience in various domains Security,Automation, Payment processing, Banking with Variety of OS flavors​ and with C,C+,PHP,Node.js,Java​ and Go​

I Have a small team of web developers everyone in this team has minimum 6 years of exp in web development we have worked with around 15 eCommerce sites across various technologies for API integrations. This team has exp in Wordpress, Laravel & CodeIgnitor and any PHP based framework. Also with AngularJs, Jquery.

Here is my experience with payment gateway development & payment gateway integrations

For the last 12 months i have been working with another startup which is creating gateway for a specific geographic region. Here i have developed the back-end again which connects FirstData for transaction processing. Also i am leading the whole team in terms complete end to end design of the platform and various customers integrations. This new gateway is finished development, certification and on-boarded first 15 customers already. We just finished implementing Hosted payment page and 3 Step integration for this gateway. Am doing also maintaining whole infrastructure based on Linux for this platform (consists 10 servers as of now)

Payment gateway integrations & certifications i have worked till now.
1. VISA OCT Integration
2. MasterCard MoneySend API integration
3. FirstData Datawire integration & cert
4. IPCommerce API integration
5. Integration
6. FIS Clearcommerce integration
7. EPX Integration
8. Shazam ISO certification
9. FIS-NYCE ISO certification.

Developed a multi-threaded payment transaction processing engine in C++ as part of an Acquirer processor development. This engine is the main transaction processor which connects to 10 Debit/Credit gateways,HSMs and Databases. Communication to all these are on various protocols TCP (Persistent, Non persistent), HTTP,HTTP(SSL), REST,SOAP,OAuth
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