Freelance work paid for with cryptocurrencies
(Bitcoin, Ethereum and others)
You pay the freelancer directly, 0% fees, alas no escrow.
Avoid price volatility!

Web and Mobile application development

(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $1000
We are a team of experienced developers and designers who recently started accepting projects in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,

1- We can not accept project if:
1-1- It's against our local laws ex. pornographic websites
1-2- It has unreasonable time limits
1-3- It has no limits or you don't know the limits yet
1-4- It will be used to scam people
1-5- You want the project to be done with WordPress/Joomla/Bullshit and you don't care about the quality
2- We won't take any prepayment, we divide your work into milestones instead, we trust you first.
3- If we could not accept your project for some reason or if we were busy when you asked for a project, we can still give you some technical/design advice if you want, and we don't want money for that!

Technologies we use:
We use whichever technology your project needs, it may be Python/Django with React native for one project, Flask or Laravel for another or even Rust/Actix when performance really matters.

So if your project fits the conditions above and you're looking for an experienced group to take care of it, contact us on telegram, we won't try to trick you into working with us nor we will get anything for some consultation.
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