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Research Driven Content—Bitcoin Histories for Your Blog

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I create in-depth, research-driven content, and have been studying and writing about blockchain, full-time, for over a year.

Throughout that time, my clients have given a lot of focus to my studies. I decided, recently, that I should seek out clients who are interested in the specific types of content I'd like to create. Not to say that I will only write about Bitcoin history, but it's a better place to start the discussion, to attract clients who share my interests.


My vision is to write a series of articles, each about different aspects of the history surrounding Bitcoin:

* History of Public Key Encryption (currently only available in books)
* History of Hash Algorithms
* History of Distributed Systems
* History of P2P networking
* History of Open Source
* History of Cypherpunks
* History of The Federal Reserve
* History of Digital Currency Before Bitcoin
* History surrounding Bitcoin's creation through 2011ish
* 2012-2013
* a little fuzzy atm on how many articles to do. Maybe one long piece for each year from 2013?

That list is just off the top of my head but gives you the idea of what I'm aiming for.

Each article would be between could 1500-2500 words*


Of course, you can find writers who are faster than I am, and you can find writers who are cheaper than I am... but you'll have a hard time finding someone as passionate about research, with as much attention to detail.


Writing Samples:

Shorts: —David Chaum - The Father of Digital Cash —The Birth of the Cypherpunks —The Rise of the Cypherpunks


*SEO Behind Long-Form Content
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