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Experienced Full Stack Web Developer

(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: $80 per hour
I am a maximalist for automation and have experience with deploying applications on Vultr, Digital Ocean, and AWS, plus, I also like to build cool stuff. As an accomplished full stack developer, I take pride in the work I complete and in creating delight for all levels of computer competency in regard to user experience. Mobile first is my mantra and I enjoy making applications that are pleasing and fluid responsive. Some notes about my experience:

Created single page applications, administrative portals, and client engagement dashboards using PHP (Symfony) and MySQL.

Built custom, Admin-facing, Wordpress Plugins; custom-anti adblock detection systems into Wordpress, and have ported external applications into wordpress installations such as block explorers and CRUD tools, and Cryptocurrency Faucets.

Have worked extensively with and created REST API to drive and be consumed by other applications.

Harnessed multiple jQuery Libraries for all forms of design needs including automated resizing, parallax backgrounds, timed color and size transformations and even automated build testing.

Use NodeJS and the various ecosystem of tools to build more things (expressJS, React-Native+Redux, Underscore, Grunt, Webpack, Babel, and Axios).

Comfortable with Compiled CSS (SASS/SCSS), Frameworks such as Bootstrap and Material Design (Materialize.css framework) and HTML5.

Built templating systems in PHP for custom Modal form registration and display based on Session attributes.

Used and am quite comfortable with package manage software (pear, pip, npm, yarn, composer), version control software (git), and Continuous Integration (gitlab, Jenkins: TeamCity).

Built and use various Command Line tools in Bash, AWK, Python and PHP.

In addition to the experience shown I’ve also worked extensively on my own endeavors to manage and maintain a few different blog and eCommerce sites (powered by Drupal, Wordpress, and WooCommerce) as well and am quite comfortable with setting up Google Analytics, configuring successful Search Engine Optimization practices, and deploying online Advertising via AdSense
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