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OSINT Investigation / Research

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Price: $45 per hour
Hello everyone,

I'm coming from a computer science background and for the last few years my focus has been entirely on Online Reputation Management (ORM) / Privacy and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research and Applications.

It's without a doubt that the 'online' has become an integral part of our real lives and we are pouring in vast amounts of data of increasing complexity into the digital world (willingly or otherwise). I have been actively researching ways to make use of that data for quite some time which consolidated my skills for the open source realm. Skills which I've successfully used for business or private matters. Some of the skills are:

- geolocation

- social media research and analytics (SOCMINT)

- finding people

- business oriented research and analytics (brand protection and competitive intel)

- revealing business fraud and protecting against scams

- darkweb research

Some possible use case scenarios:

You are looking to hire a new person at your company, in a public facing job role and you need to vet the individual to make sure none of his past/current activities might surface to bring harm to your business; or his personal practices leave him vulnerable to security attacks.

*You are suspecting your business might be a subject of fake bad reviews, employed by one of your competitors.

*You want to find more about a company or individual which you suspect is actively employing fraud or scams.

*You want to buy a business, but you are unsure of the claims the business owner makes in regards to the type of operation/expenses/revenue/stability.

*You need help with a journalistic investigation for a local matter.

*You have witnessed or experienced bad practices online from what you suspect might be an organized group, and you want to bring things to light and raise awareness.

*A quick cyber scrub or in-depth reconnaissance on anything/anyone you might be concerned with

My hourly rate is $45 with a retainer fee of minimum three hours. If some projects are not suited for an hourly compensation we can negotiate upfront costs, milestones plus bounty compensation.

What you should expect in terms of workflow and communication:
(For those interested you can find my PGP in the Reddit bio)

After we discuss the details of the job and you provide all the information you have along with the scope of research, you will have me as a personal contact with your preferred platform for communication. You'll have a personal link to an encrypted container in which I will submit updates/working materials/final debrief. The end result will be an exhaustive report detailing findings, 'how to's, traces followed and objective observations in a clear, easy to follow, intelligible manner. If used in your case, you'll also have the working files for data collection, organization and analysis software like Hunchly, Lampyre or Maltego Casefile, so you can easily follow up on the situation with me or any other OSINT researcher or private investigator, should you need to in the future.

Don't hesitate to drop me a message if there's anything you'd like to ask me and I’m looking forward to working with you!
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