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Viralrooster: Multiplatform Content Editors

(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $10
Welcome to Viralrooster,
we are your personal multiplatform content editors, let us design your next video
so that you can upload it on your favourite platform: instagram, youtube, facebook, vimeo.
Or just let us improve the footage of your previous bike ride so that you will have better
awesome memories on your hard drive!

Try our Viralrooster workflow, answer to our questions related on the video you want, wait for
it and get the likes!

-- Pricing --
Short clips (~15 sec.): 10 USD
Short videos (~ 2 min.): 15 USD
Short compound clips (15 sec, for multiple instagram stories): 20 USD
Short youtube video (~ 15 min): 50 USD
Youtube video (> 15 min): 100 USD

-- Accepted coins ---
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