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Community Manager/Customer Support/Virtual Assistant/Creative & Ghost Writing

(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $150
Hello! My name is Jessan, I have worked for ICOs as a Telegram Administrator/Forum Moderator. I'm willing to work at any time of day as what is needed and most of the time I spend the whole day online going through the web. For my rate and way of payment, we can talk more about it if anyone is interested in hiring me.

Previous ICO/Projects I've worked with: Network.GURU Ubcoin Hybrid Betting CryptoSecurity

Work Background/Experience: Customer Service Representative & Technical Support Online Community Management Virtual Assistant Ghostwriting & Web Content Creation

Skills & Traits(not limited to what is listed): I speak and write fluent English C2 Level Computer savvy and well educated with the Cryptoworld Customer Retention/Satisfaction Patient especially with irate clients/customers Keeps professionalism and my composure well Pleasing and Engaging with clients/customers

I always make sure that my clients/customers can feel that they can approach me any time for assistance or inquiry and do it in a timely manner or as soon as possible.

In addition, I also have a personal computer, laptop and mobile devices together with fast internet connection and a backup mobile hotspot in case of outages.

If anyone is interested in adding me to your team or hiring me, I'll make sure to deliver on what is asked and do even more.

You guys can contact me here, through email:, Telegram @makoitus or on my LinkedIn:

If you wish to know more about me please don't hesitate to reach me on my accounts. Hope to hear from someone soon. Good day!
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