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Cryptocurrency news: last 24 hours

Bitcoin has displayed some strength during today’s trading session after re-visiting the bottom of an important trendline. The benchmark crypto has been trading in a tight range, between $18,600 and $... | Sep 28, 2022 19:40
M.F Husain’s ‘Fury’ To Be Offered As Both a Physical Painting & An NFT Unique Digital Edition this October In the first-of-its-kind ‘phygital’ auction of an Indian artist’s work,, Web 3.0’s... | Sep 28, 2022 19:32
Decentralized oracle protocol Chainlink has announced the launch of its long-awaited staking reward programs- the SCALE and BUILD. The post Chainlink launches Economics 2.0 staking programs appeared... | Sep 28, 2022 19:24
The year 2022 so far has seen the crypto market spend most of its time in the fear territory, with a large chunk of it being especially deep into extreme fear. Crypto Fear And Greed Index Continues To... | Sep 28, 2022 19:00
The post Recession By 2023, Here Is How Crypto Market Might Benefit appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News It was in November 2021 that the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin hit an all-time high... | Sep 28, 2022 19:00
Data shows most of the public Bitcoin mining companies have been accumulating losses during their lifetimes. Bitcoin Mining Firms Have Been Losing Money Over The Years As per the latest weekly report... | Sep 28, 2022 19:00
As fiat currencies crash against the USD, it makes sense to start using bitcoin denominations, even for day-to-day expenses. | Sep 28, 2022 18:39
Russia intends to use its digital ruble, to be introduced early next year, for payments with its key ally, China. Authorities in Moscow hope other nations will be willing to adopt the Russian digital... | Sep 28, 2022 18:30
In this episode of NewsBTC’s daily technical analysis videos, we examine how Bitcoin is trading against other currency pairs and not USD. We also look at BTC against WTI Crude Oil and the S&P 500. Tak... | Sep 28, 2022 18:29
A Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) bot 0xbaDc0dE lost over $1 million after a hacker exploited a flaw in its code. The post This MEV bot gained and lost over $1M in 1 hour appeared first on CryptoSlat... | Sep 28, 2022 18:13
It’s no secret that the crypto market in 2022 can be a minefield. One wrong step, and you lose. But hey, we all know that investing is risky and losses are a normal part of trading. So no need to frow... | Sep 28, 2022 18:10
 The approval allows the crypto exchange to offer its services in France. | Sep 28, 2022 18:09
The world is gradually heading towards a cashless society such as CBDC making cash payments obsolete. When this happens, fiat currencies might no more be in use. So central banks are aggressively laun... | Sep 28, 2022 18:08
Celsius and Voyager are selling or auctioning their assets. Customers may soon regain access to their frozen funds. | Sep 28, 2022 18:06
Singapore, Singapore, 28th September, 2022, Chainwire $INR is live on Huobi, after successful VC… The post Inery Token $INR goes Live On Huobi Following Successful VC raise appeared first on CoinJourn... | Sep 28, 2022 18:03
A close look at Binance Bitcoin (BTC) transaction activity would indicate why there have been huge trading volumes recently. BTC saw huge fluctuations in the last one week, with a gap of around $2,000... | Sep 28, 2022 18:02
If Bitcoin is the digital gold of the crypto sphere, then Ethereum is the digital silver. The blockchain powerhouse headed by Vitalik Buterin has taken the world by storm since its foundation in 2015,... | Sep 28, 2022 17:48
The acquisition enables Swan Bitcoin to service its users from the point of initial education all the way through to self-sovereignty while keeping Specter open-source. | Sep 28, 2022 17:44
India’s law enforcement agency Directorate of Enforcement (ED) froze over $1,5 million deposited in crypto exchange Binance. The funds were deposited in Bitcoin via a transaction tie to crypto exchang... | Sep 28, 2022 17:37
The post What Gambling Looked Like 200 Years Ago appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Because of the enormous progress that has been made in technology, it is now feasible to wager using the very... | Sep 28, 2022 17:36
Cryptocurrency network marketing is a process of referral marketing where an individual is rewarded for bringing new customers to a business. This type of marketing has been around for many years, but... | Sep 28, 2022 17:30
PRESS RELEASE. Finally, the moment has arrived. A dozen hours have gone into farming the materials needed for a brand-new mighty axe. The epic weapon crafted at the forge will take the player to unpre... | Sep 28, 2022 17:30
Singapore, Singapore, 28th September, 2022, Chainwire $INR is live on Huobi, after successful VC rounds and several strategic partnership announcements. Trading officially opened at 13:00 UTC today, S... | Sep 28, 2022 17:29
Singapore, Singapore, 28th September, 2022, Chainwire $INR is live on Huobi, after successful VC rounds and several strategic partnership announcements. Trading officially opened at 13:00 UTC today, S... | Sep 28, 2022 17:28
The post PoshCoin To Accelerate The European Cannabis Industry With Blockchain appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News PoshCoin is developed to address market inefficiencies, including monetization i... | Sep 28, 2022 17:17
The cryptocurrency market is gaining momentum as Bitcoin trades above $19k, and Ethereum stays above $1,300 after rising in trading volume and price last night. The 24-hour trading volume has increase... | Sep 28, 2022 17:13
The post Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) look to buy into the interesting project Flasko (FLSK) appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News As the two most popular meme coins on the cryptocurrency m... | Sep 28, 2022 17:05
On September 16, 1992, the British pound dropped to its all-time low. The post British pound drops to all time lows against the dollar appeared first on CryptoSlate. | Sep 28, 2022 17:02
The former BitMEX CEO recommends Bitcoin as the Bank of England begins quantitative easing. | Sep 28, 2022 17:00
The FOMC meeting has been done and dusted, but its impact on the price of bitcoin has left a lasting market. Where the market had expected volatility following such an important meeting for the financ... | Sep 28, 2022 17:00
Bitcoin’s short exposure has been gaining favor from both retail and institutional investors over the last couple of months. For most, this position in the digital asset has paid off, given its contin... | Sep 28, 2022 17:00
TRON is a layer-1 blockchain utilizing a delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism. Its eco-friendly network, low fees, and easy to use developer tools have allowed it to attain a massive amount of... | Sep 28, 2022 17:00
President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Christine Largade says Europe needs a borderless and regulated digital euro. Largade’s comments come at a time when countries across the globe are research... | Sep 28, 2022 16:57
The global crypto market capitalization is almost 70% down this year, largely thanks to the Federal Reserves commitment to hiking interest rates. Nevertheless, investing legend Stanley Druckenmiller s... | Sep 28, 2022 16:54
The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is once again taking legal action against top exchange Bitkub and two individuals. The SEC has placed a fine of $629k on all three for wash trading. T... | Sep 28, 2022 16:54
El Salvador, the first country to make Bitcoin (BTC) legal tender, will be hosting the “Adopting Bitcoin” conference in order to promote financial freedom. The Adopting Bitcoin conference […] | Sep 28, 2022 16:46
The post Flasko (FLSK) is up 300%, and analysts predict a 2,000% rise by March 2023 over Solana (SOL) and Dogecoin (DOGE) appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Success in cryptocurrency requires fi... | Sep 28, 2022 16:33
The current energy in the crypto market falls behind the one in the equity or bond markets, Novogratz opined. | Sep 28, 2022 16:32
Following the extremely volatile European markets during the past few days and the euro and pound dropping rapidly against the U.S. dollar, the Bank of England has decided to intervene in bond markets... | Sep 28, 2022 16:30
The Chinese government has never supported crypto activities since the emergence of the industry. The People’s Bank of China took further actions against the digital industry and banned all local digi... | Sep 28, 2022 16:20
Korean-based blockchain Klaytn has launched an initiative to allow Web3 gaming companies to build on its network to offset gas fees for gamers. The post Klaytn launches gas fee rebate program for Web... | Sep 28, 2022 16:10
Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs and the subject of South Korean allegations related to a $60 billion crypto wipeout, refuted reports that he was hiding after Interpol issued a red alert for his... | Sep 28, 2022 16:05
Taro daemon's alpha release on testnet enables developers to test issuing, sending and receiving assets like U.S. dollar stablecoins on Bitcoin. | Sep 28, 2022 16:04
After rising in trading volume last night and stagnating in price, the cryptocurrency market is gaining momentum as Bitcoin trades above $19k, and Ethereum remains above $1,300. The 24-hour trading vo... | Sep 28, 2022 16:01
The post Hacks And Data Leaks Are Plaguing Web3 – Is There a Cure? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Expensive Crypto Hacks Are Becoming Part of Web3 Life. In Q2, a total of $308,579,156 has be... | Sep 28, 2022 16:00
Celsius Network is a cryptocurrency lending firm headquartered in New Jersey. Though it maintained its offices in four countries, the company’s operation was global. Celsius allowed users to deposit d... | Sep 28, 2022 15:51
Bitwage, the world’s pioneer and leading provider of cryptocurrency and stablecoin payroll services, has partnered with Argentinian Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Guido Cannetti. Followi... | Sep 28, 2022 15:44
American investor Stan Druckenmiller is confident of a recession happening in 2023. He expects a recession next year followed by markets that may stagnate for a decade thereafter. Meanwhile, he predic... | Sep 28, 2022 15:42
The Designathon takes place October 12-23 and is taking open submission for innovative bitcoin product designs and sponsorships for participant prizes. | Sep 28, 2022 15:41
STEPN, a crypto web3 app that enables people to earn rewards for exercising, announced a partnership with The Giving Block. According to a press release shared with Bitcoinist, the partners have enabl... | Sep 28, 2022 15:36
We’ve long been on a quest to find the best all-around trading app. Any app considered must have a variety of professional trading tools, quality customer service, powerful security, and a glowing rep... | Sep 28, 2022 15:35
While crypto markets were mostly lower on Wednesday, quant rallied to a six-month high earlier in the day. Today’s move came as the token broke out of a key resistance level, en route to its strongest... | Sep 28, 2022 15:30
<p>Are NFTs experiencing a slow death, and if so, would anybody mourn them? Not everyone is a fan of non-fungible tokens, and the mere mention of the subject can elicit a dismissive or even hostile re... | Sep 28, 2022 15:30
Wondering how to earn Ethereum rewards by staking ETH? Learn about Binance ETH 2.0 Staking in our overview. | Sep 28, 2022 15:23
The U.S. government has taken a series of escalating actions over the last year to regulate the crypto industry, but as comprehensive legislation is still a long way off, regulators... | Sep 28, 2022 14:54
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] 1xBit, one of the most engaging betting service providers, has recently added a new coin to its platform. We are talking about Polygon, a popular cryptocurrenc... | Sep 28, 2022 14:54
It is a new day on 1xBit, the crypto betting platform, as it gets ready to unveil its latest addition. 1xBit completed a recent upgrade to enable it to accept Polygon (MATIC) as a payment method on th... | Sep 28, 2022 14:52
We’re thrilled to announce that Kraken now supports Coin98 (C98), Galxe (GAL), Rocket Pool (RPL), Stargate Finance (STG) and Synapse (SYN)! Funding and Trading Funding is live, and trading will begin... | Sep 28, 2022 14:52
Scams related to crypto wallet and gateway MetaMask are on the rise amid developments including the Ethereum Merge and Cardano’s Vasil hard fork. The scam Twitter account “@MetaMaskUpdates” on Wednesd... | Sep 28, 2022 14:42
The Global cryptocurrency market is trading under huge selling pressure over the past few months. However, Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto has outperformed major traditional market assets. Bitcoin... | Sep 28, 2022 14:32
The post Spend Like Cash With JPEX Visa Debit Card. appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News JPEX debit cards and it’s enhancement of your Blockchain experience The  Blockchain world is growing massiv... | Sep 28, 2022 14:30
Adopting Bitcoin will see 110 speakers from 30 countries, including Mexican Senator Indira Kempis, discussing financial inclusion and technology. | Sep 28, 2022 14:15
As more expansions and innovations in cryptocurrency emerge, many nations are utilizing its unlimited possibilities hence, the development and exploration of central bank digital currency (CBDC) are i... | Sep 28, 2022 14:10
We all know how popular cryptocurrency trading is nowadays, and the number of Trade Nation reviews online confirms that. For those of you who don’t know, Trade Nation Ltd. is a brokerage founded in 20... | Sep 28, 2022 14:09
The fall comes amid a drop in Bitcoin price which has hampered the profitability of the mining process. | Sep 28, 2022 14:01
Following four consecutive Bitcoin mining difficulty increases, the network’s difficulty dropped for the first time in 68 days, sliding 2.14% at block height 756,000 on Tuesday. The change means it’s... | Sep 28, 2022 14:00
Governance Tokens allow users to vote on plans and decisions guiding the evolution of the project. While involving the community in the decision-making, holders are rewarded for their diamond hands. G... | Sep 28, 2022 14:00 | Sep 28, 2022 14:00
During Mainnet 2022, in New York, Hoskinson talked about things people get wrong with Cardano. The post Hoskinson anticipates flood of VC money coming for Cardano by 2024 appeared first on CryptoSlat... | Sep 28, 2022 14:00
The Bank of England is pivoting to quantitative easing to protect the macroeconomic condition in the United Kingdom. The Bank of England will buy long-dated government bonds to restore balance in the... | Sep 28, 2022 13:52
The post Cardano Turns 5! Rolls Out The Entirety Of The Vasil Improvements appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Cardano (ADA) just completed the launch of its much-awaited Vasil hard fork on Septe... | Sep 28, 2022 13:42
The post What is Cardano’s new ‘Daedalus’ wallet? Why is the Community Disappointed? appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The price of Cardano has drifted downward over the previous week, mirrorin... | Sep 28, 2022 13:41
The post Do Kwon Receives Support From An Unlikely Source Amid Conflict With Korean Authorities appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Recently, Terra founder Do Kwon rubbished claims by CoinDesk Ko... | Sep 28, 2022 13:28
The post The Next Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run Will Be Much Different From Historical Rallies – Mike Novogratz! appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The two biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereu... | Sep 28, 2022 13:25
The world's top central bankers, Jerome Powell of the United States Federal Reserve Chairman, Christine Lagarde the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), and Agustín Carstens, the General Mana... | Sep 28, 2022 13:22 | Sep 28, 2022 13:21
As the cryptocurrency market grows, the demand for products offered by digital technologies rises too. Thanks to the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the existing financial system is chan... | Sep 28, 2022 13:19
The post ETH Whale “Galion” Has Gathered $3 Million Worth Of Shiba Inu appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The biggest ETH Whale called “Galion” stocked up a significant 272,000,000,000 (272B) to... | Sep 28, 2022 13:18
The post Vitalik Buterin’s Book “Proof Of Stake” Is Finally Out After A Decade! appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has finally popped his book titled “Proof o... | Sep 28, 2022 13:15
Get to know the ideas and inspiration behind the CubeMelt NFT collection, as we sit down with the team to ask the important questions. The post CubeMelt NFT Collection: Interview with the Artist Creat... | Sep 28, 2022 13:03
Bitcoin was back in the red on Wednesday, as U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell called for more regulation in decentralized finance (defi), citing “structural issues” as a key reason. The token... | Sep 28, 2022 13:00
A launchpad is a platform for raising money for early cryptocurrency projects before they go public. Investors have the opportunity to invest early and purchase tokens at much lower prices before the... | Sep 28, 2022 13:00
The post A New Bitcoin(BTC) Quarterly Candle is Looming Large, But the Main Target Remains Around $14,000 to $16,000 appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News After briefly trading above the $20,000 ma... | Sep 28, 2022 12:59 | Sep 28, 2022 12:55
FTX.US President Brett Harrison and Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky both resigned yesterday, following departures from a list of other top crypto executives. They follow Genesis CEO Michael Moro, Microstra... | Sep 28, 2022 12:53
Is Dr. Ruja Ignatova the cryptocurrency world’s biggest scammer? The competition is fierce, there are so many faces and stories fighting for that spot, but none of them is on the FBI Most Wanted List.... | Sep 28, 2022 12:49
Radix Engines’ resources eliminate the need for specialized code for each and every transaction. As a result, Radix has completely redesigned the DeFi development paradigm with an entirely new applica... | Sep 28, 2022 12:43
Bitcoin (BTC) might have lost 72% of its value over the past ten months; however, the digital currency remains strong compared to other major currencies that dictate the world economy. | Sep 28, 2022 12:42
The post Best Cryptos For Beginners: Oryen Network (ORY), Cardano (ADA), And Solana (SOL) appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News In the world of cryptocurrency, staking is a popular way to generate... | Sep 28, 2022 12:32
A pilot project involving four Asian central bank digital currencies (CBDC) involving real-value transactions was completed on September 23, according to a LinkedIn post by Bank for International Sett... | Sep 28, 2022 12:30
Fantom (FTM) bounces back with a 5% rally in over 24 hours after it hit a massive low yesterday. On-chain metrics hint at a bull run. Still, buyers are still advised to be extra cautious. FTM rallied... | Sep 28, 2022 12:30
The decision on Bill Hinman, then SEC Director’s infamous Ethereum speech has become a crucial deciding factor in the long running Ripple lawsuit. However, Eleanor Terrett, a fox journalist has posted... | Sep 28, 2022 12:27
The post (GLO) ICO Is Selling Faster And Faster, Bullish ROI To The Likes Of Synthetix (SNX) And PancakeSwap (CAKE) Expected appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Investors not utilizing... | Sep 28, 2022 12:17 | Sep 28, 2022 12:12
The next Bitcoin rally will require fast and scalable systems, which the community is yet to build, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz. | Sep 28, 2022 12:09
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The Binance crypto platform offers users various options and features to help make their crypto journeys easier and more rewarding. The Binance loan is another important feature on the exchange platfo... | Sep 28, 2022 11:58
Volatility has struck the cryptocurrency market, leading to more than $160 million in liquidations over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin and Ethereum are now sitting on top of weak support,... | Sep 28, 2022 11:55 | Sep 28, 2022 11:49 | Sep 28, 2022 11:42
Twitch is still by far the most popular streaming platform, and streamers use it to grow their affiliates. Broadcasters may monetize their streams by running advertisements. Additionally, some streame... | Sep 28, 2022 11:38
Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon has found an unlikely ally backing his claims. | Sep 28, 2022 11:30
Reserve Bank of Australia is researching the potential benefits of launching a central bank digital currency. The monetary authority released a white paper outlining its goals and invited interested p... | Sep 28, 2022 11:30
The post Here’s Why Luna Foundation Gaurd (LFG) Might Not Be Honest About Their Bitcoin Reserves! appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Recently, the Luna Foundation Guard’s Bitcoin holdings have d... | Sep 28, 2022 11:26
The post Here’s Why Elon Musk Could Lose The Ongoing Twitter Lawsuit appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The Twitter-Musk legal battle is intensifying.  Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, has no... | Sep 28, 2022 11:16
2022 has proven to be a regulatory disaster for Thailand’s largest crypto exchange as it has faced multiple enforcement actions and fines worth hundreds of thou... | Sep 28, 2022 11:13
The gambling space just faced a massive loss. With all the exciting news that’s been filling […] The post Twitch Bans Stake Casino And Gambling Streams appeared first on BitcoinChaser. | Sep 28, 2022 11:09 | Sep 28, 2022 11:06
It isn‘t news that crypto is one of the most popular topics worldwide. And considering the latest events and the sudden changes in the cryptocurrency industry, it is understandable that almost everyon... | Sep 28, 2022 11:05
PRESS RELEASE. InVar Finance has recently built InVaria2222, the RWA tokenization world, which is currently in its first stage. InVar intends to create hybrid financial services by bridging the crypto... | Sep 28, 2022 11:00
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) served a lawsuit against Ooki DAO via its website chat box and its online governance forum, according to a September 27 court filing. The post CFTC ser... | Sep 28, 2022 11:00 | Sep 28, 2022 10:59 | Sep 28, 2022 10:59
An MEV bot gained massive profits worth $1 million by seizing an arbitrage opportunity. However, it was tricked into authorizing a malicious transaction that dr... | Sep 28, 2022 10:57
<p> has become the latest cryptocurrency platform to gain <a href=""... | Sep 28, 2022 10:42
Treasury Secretary for the Biden administration is set to leave the government after the midterms. Axios reports that Yellen’s departure can start a massive shuffle in the President’s economic team. ... | Sep 28, 2022 10:18 | Sep 28, 2022 10:18
The post LUNA Foundation Reacts to Do Kwon’s Bitcoin Freeze appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News At the request of South Korean prosecutors, Interpol issued a Red Notice to Terra founder Do Kwon t... | Sep 28, 2022 10:15
A spate of crypto CEO step-downs recently has the community wondering what is happening behind the scenes. The post Parallels drawn between exodus of crypto CEOs and pre-Covid departures appeared fir... | Sep 28, 2022 10:15 | Sep 28, 2022 10:03
The post Polygon on 1xBit: New Coin for Crypto Gambling appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News They say two good heads are better than one. Now, picture what happens when four good heads come togeth... | Sep 28, 2022 10:01
Among major exchanges, Kraken, Coinbase's support was still pending. | Sep 28, 2022 09:58
The post Singapore: Mclaren Racing Design Celebrates Emerging Technologies appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News As a part of a planned partnership between Formula One (F1) team ‘McLaren Racing’ an... | Sep 28, 2022 09:52
The post Chinese Officials Crack Down On Cryptocurrency Money-Laundering appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The Hengyang (a city in China) police imprisoned 93 individuals for using cryptocurren... | Sep 28, 2022 09:50 | Sep 28, 2022 09:32
Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon and Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) have denied reports that the foundation moved to sell 3313 BTC worth over $69 million via KuCoin and OKX crypto exchanges. The post D... | Sep 28, 2022 09:30 | Sep 28, 2022 09:22
PUBG creator Brendan Greene plans to launch a game powered by blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse. The next game called Artemis will allow players to make and play anything they like in the Earth-size... | Sep 28, 2022 09:21
The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) has cracked down on 11 cryptocurrency companies that are accused of violating California securities laws. Nine of the firms repo... | Sep 28, 2022 09:00
Acquiring the assets of Celsius would imply FTX’s intent to save the lending firm, similar to what FTX US did for Voyager by securing the winning bid of approxi... | Sep 28, 2022 08:57
The crypto market cap is down by almost $70 billion daily as BTC and almost all alts are deep in red now. | Sep 28, 2022 08:52
The legal tussle between Elon Musk and Social media giant Twitter is getting intense. The world’s richest man recently cited Peiter Zatko, a whistleblower’s claim over the bot data in order to termina... | Sep 28, 2022 08:47 | Sep 28, 2022 08:36
The latest report by The Bitcoin Policy Institute goes for the lowest hanging fruit. It tries to convince US politicians that “CBDCs will erode the distinction between America and authoritarianism,” w... | Sep 28, 2022 08:34
Guarda’s team has worked to improve the validators’ fees to increase the APY received while staking the TRX. The TRX token is among the popular assets available on Guarda Wallet... | Sep 28, 2022 08:30
Fresh losses are contained only after $2,000 gets wiped from the BTC spot price, with a recovery yet to make an appearance. | Sep 28, 2022 08:27
KuCoin’s 5th Anniversary, KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) together with KuCoin Wallet and Windvane jointly hold KCC Beowulf campaign. KCC Beowulf is a 7-week interacting campaign. More than 20 projects a... | Sep 28, 2022 08:26
The post Bitcoin(BTC) Encounters massive rejection! The next 24 to 72 hours are Extremely Important  appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News After a significant push beyond $20,200, the Bitcoin price... | Sep 28, 2022 08:25 | Sep 28, 2022 08:24 | Sep 28, 2022 08:14
The post What a Luxurious Investment App Should Be Like appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News What the user needs from an investment app and what mistakes in it cause irritation? First, before you... | Sep 28, 2022 08:10 | Sep 28, 2022 08:08
The post Ethereum (ETH) Shows A Lower Issuance Rate Post Merge appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News As promised with the Merge, Ethereum (ETH) is doing well with its claims of greater inflation re... | Sep 28, 2022 08:01
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] Guarda’s team has worked to improve the validators’ fees to increase the APY received while staking the TRX. The TRX token is among the popular assets availabl... | Sep 28, 2022 08:00
The total cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows totaling $61.1 billion. The post CryptoSlate Daily wMarket Update – Sept. 27: Bear pulls crypto market as XRP leads losses appeared first on Crypt... | Sep 28, 2022 08:00
Tezro has announced that USTC token holders can now exchange USTC for TezroST, which is Tezro’s official shopping token backed by Tether (USDT).  The exchange rate will be $1 per USTC token, and it is... | Sep 28, 2022 08:00
[PRESS RELEASE – San Francisco, United States, 28th September 2022] Sushi completes deployment to the Kava blockchain with a liquidity pool eligible for KAVA and SUSHI token rewards. Earlier this year... | Sep 28, 2022 07:40 | Sep 28, 2022 07:34
After Singapore-based Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) denied Bitcoin movements from its wallets, Terra founder Do Kwon clarified the allegations. Do Kwon claims he hasn’t used KuCoin or OKX for at least a... | Sep 28, 2022 07:20 | Sep 28, 2022 07:16
Since the emergence of stablecoins, cryptocurrency trading has become more accessible to traders for the simple fact that they now have a fiat point of reference for these internet assets. And Tether... | Sep 28, 2022 07:13
[PRESS RELEASE – London, United Kingdom, 27th September 2022] After a successful IDO and INO, Kitsumon is pleased to announce details of the highly anticipated NFT land sale in partnership with top ga... | Sep 28, 2022 07:10
Bitcoin recovered its $20k resistance level yesterday but couldn’t maintain it as the broader… The post Bitcoin slips below $19k once again, but can it recover its $20k resistance level soon? appeared... | Sep 28, 2022 06:54
Space and Time paves the way for establishing a decentralized data warehouse with tremendous Web3 implications. The project secured an additional $20 million in funding to make smart contracts more ro... | Sep 28, 2022 06:43
CEL pumped briefly after the news to a multi-week high, but retraced just as sharply along with the rest of the market. | Sep 28, 2022 06:33
Crypto exchange Binance is reportedly seeking to reenter the Japanese crypto market. The company exited Japan four years ago after the country’s financial regulator warned that Binance was operating i... | Sep 28, 2022 06:30
Bitcoin, along with the majority of the crypto market, hasn’t always been friends with the month of September. Bitcoin records MTD performance rate of 0.83% Gold struggles along with equities such as... | Sep 28, 2022 06:25
Bridging the gap between real-world data and smart contracts remains an intriguing proposition. Space and Time, recently securing $20 million in funding from Microsoft’s M12 and investors such as Poly... | Sep 28, 2022 06:21
The post Flasko (FLSK) Acquires Over 1,500 Holders In Just Two Weeks; Solana (SOL and Polygon (MATIC) Trading Volume Slows appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News With prices at rock bottom and minim... | Sep 28, 2022 06:19
FTX US will soon be under new leadership after President Brett Harrison announced his… The post Brett Harrison announces he is stepping down as FTX US President appeared first on CoinJournal. | Sep 28, 2022 06:14
The crypto market is down today after a small surprise rally yesterday. The market is crashing as the sentiment around risk assets turns negative.  Bitcoin prices have fallen by 7% in the last 24 hour... | Sep 28, 2022 06:13
The post Flasko (FLSK) Jumps 300%, Big Gains Predicted While Kucoin (KCS) And The Sandbox (SAND) Drop appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Cryptocurrencies had unprecedented growth in 2020. Bitcoi... | Sep 28, 2022 06:08
The post CEL Token Spike 15% As FTX Bids To Acquire Celsius Network appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The year 2022 has seen many acquisitions among which the crypto exchange FTX has been the m... | Sep 28, 2022 06:03
The post Binance Rolls Out A New Program To Curb Cyber Financial Crime And Malicious Activities appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News On September 27, Binance disclosed the industry’s first global... | Sep 28, 2022 05:49
The post FTX Exchange All set To Bid For Celsius Networks appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Crypto Exchange FTX seems to have some major expansion goals for this year, with its constant bidding... | Sep 28, 2022 05:48
After a strong push above $20,000 on Tuesday, Bitcoin has failed to hold those levels and crashed once again. the Bitcoin price is down 6.36% at press time and currently trading at $18,774 with a mark... | Sep 28, 2022 05:24
The paper's authors say Central Bank Digital Currencies are problematic for the future of individual and economic freedom but crypto is a viable alternative. | Sep 28, 2022 05:19
PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Sep. 28, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Genesis Token (GTN) on September 29, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the... | Sep 28, 2022 05:00
Jerome Powell acknowledged that DeFi will start to reach more retail customers, highlighting the need for regulation. | Sep 28, 2022 04:56
Pantera CEO Dan Morehead painted an optimistic outlook for the wider cryptocurrency space during a keynote presentation at Token2049 in Singapore. | Sep 28, 2022 04:49
OKX, the second-biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has listed its partner Manchester City… The post OKX lists Manchester City FC token appeared first on CoinJournal. | Sep 28, 2022 04:33
According to a representative from the bitcoin mining company backed by the Chinese crypto billionaire Jihan Wu, Bitdeer is crafting a $250 million fund to buy distressed assets from embattled bitcoin... | Sep 28, 2022 04:30
Earlier this week, Interpol issued a Red Notice to Terra founder Do Kwon on request from South Korean prosecutors. Interestingly, the prosecutors also asked for freezing $67 million worth of Bitcoins... | Sep 28, 2022 04:29
Russia has been doubling down on crypto usage to overcome the odds arising out of Western sanctions after the Ukraine invasion. | Sep 28, 2022 04:25
Crypto exchange FTX U.S. has been on a major acquisition spree this year of distressed assets following the major crash in the crypto market. Earlier this week, FTX won the bid for acquiring assets of... | Sep 28, 2022 03:53
The theory is “not convincing enough to accuse the Wintermute project,” wrote BlockSec, as it highlighted that Wintermute’s actions during the hack made sense g... | Sep 28, 2022 03:26
Bitcoin users are an intolerant minority who will quickly mobilize if they think that forthcoming legislation is unfavorable or unfair to Bitcoin. | Sep 28, 2022 03:00
The new marketplace allows the prestigious auction house to carry out auctions and sales on the Ethereum blockchain “from start to finish.” | Sep 28, 2022 02:44
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says decentralized finance (defi) has “very significant structural issues,” emphasizing a “real need” for more appropriate regulation of the defi ecosystem. Fed... | Sep 28, 2022 02:30 | Sep 28, 2022 02:16 | Sep 28, 2022 01:32
The Japanese government should introduce rules that target criminals using crypto from crypto exchanges to launder money. Reportedly, these remittance rules are supposed to be introduced by next sprin... | Sep 28, 2022 01:00
The Hengyang police arrested 93 individuals for using cryptocurrencies on money-laundering activities. | Sep 28, 2022 00:55
To attract more users and make blockchain gaming more mainstream, Kevin Shao says future titles should find a “balance” between and accommodate different users'... | Sep 28, 2022 00:43
Binance announced the official launch of its "Global Law Enforcement Training Program," to collaborate with agencies on a global scale. | Sep 28, 2022 00:34
San Francisco, United States, 28th September, 2022, Chainwire Sushi completes deployment to the Kava blockchain with a liquidity pool eligible for KAVA and SUSHI token rewards. Earlier this year, Kava... | Sep 28, 2022 00:34
San Francisco, United States, 28th September, 2022, Chainwire Sushi completes deployment to the Kava blockchain with a liquidity pool eligible for KAVA and SUSHI token rewards. Earlier this […] | Sep 28, 2022 00:33
South Korean prosecutors are seeking to freeze 3,313 bitcoins at two cryptocurrency exchanges allegedly tied to luna founder Do Kwon. The coins were moved soon after a South Korean court issued an arr... | Sep 28, 2022 00:30
Did a fake Satoshi infiltrate traditional finance and even find their way into an SEC meeting? Twitter is reeling in hilarity this week in our latest retrospective exploration into an old 2017 SEC mee... | Sep 28, 2022 00:24 | Sep 28, 2022 00:09
Implementing a CBDC would not only negatively impact the U.S. economy, but is literally beyond the capability of the government. | Sep 28, 2022 00:00 | Sep 27, 2022 23:35 | Sep 27, 2022 23:33
Yield farming was the hottest trend in DeFi in 2020. While it may not see as much hype now, it's still alive and well. The post How to Grow Tasty Crypto Returns appeared first on Bitcoin Market Journ... | Sep 27, 2022 23:28
This is the latest crypto executive resignation in the past several months. | Sep 27, 2022 23:10
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
[#item_full_content] | Sep 27, 2022 23:06
The Solana network had been one of the winners of 2021 after gaining widespread popularity among crypto users. Its incredibly fast transaction times had been one of the pulls, as well as the ability f... | Sep 27, 2022 23:00
PRESS RELEASE. The preservation of the Euro sculpture in downtown Frankfurt, Germany, has been in danger in recent months as no sponsors were willing to provide the required financing. At the same tim... | Sep 27, 2022 23:00
The Cardano network has always been a fierce competitor for the Ethereum network. Naturally, this has translated into a prolonged rivalry between the communities of the two blockchains. This time arou... | Sep 27, 2022 23:00
The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued and set charges of 1 million USD as a monetary penalty against Friedman LLP, the former auditing firm of Tether. Although the stablecoin issuer Tet... | Sep 27, 2022 22:52
Nexo has defended itself against various U.S. regulators by claiming it promises modest interest rates. Nexo Says It Offers Nominal Rates Nexo says that it doesn’t offer high interest rates.... | Sep 27, 2022 22:38
Nexo has defended itself against various U.S. regulators by claiming it promises modest interest rates. Nexo Says It Offers Nominal Rates Nexo has defended itself against cease and desist orders... | Sep 27, 2022 22:38
The mix of energy sources powering Bitcoin mining has shifted considerably in the past three years, moving away from coal and hydropower, and towards nuclear energy and natural gas, data from the Camb... | Sep 27, 2022 22:34
On Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Celsius Network CEO Alex Mashinsky submitted a letter of resignation from the company. Mashinsky added that he still plans to help the embattled crypto lender “achieve... | Sep 27, 2022 22:30
After plummeting to significant lows in July, bitcoin has been locked in a sideways trading action angling towards higher prices. Still, investors are anxious to see what’s going to happen next.  Last... | Sep 27, 2022 22:22 | Sep 27, 2022 21:59 | Sep 27, 2022 21:55
Gemini partnership with Betterment will allow the company to provide crypto custody services to… The post Gemini partners Betterment to offer curated crypto portfolios appeared first on CoinJournal. | Sep 27, 2022 21:52
Bankrupt crypto lender Voyager Digital announced today that FTX had won its assets at auction. FTX Wins Voyager Auction FTX has won Voyager Digital’s assets. According to an announcement, FTX’s... | Sep 27, 2022 21:35
If things weren’t gloomy enough for the digital asset industry, American crypto investors have now been targeted by the nation’s tax department. | Sep 27, 2022 21:33
The biggest news in the cryptosphere for September 27 includes Binance’s new global program that aims at helping law enforcement fight cybercrime, FTX’s acquisition of the bankrupt Voyager, and Celsiu... | Sep 27, 2022 21:17 | Sep 27, 2022 21:11 | Sep 27, 2022 21:04 | Sep 27, 2022 21:00
In this episode of NewsBTC’s daily technical analysis videos, we examine the reason for today’s volatility and rally rejection. We also look ahead at the factors that could give Bitcoin price a green... | Sep 27, 2022 20:59

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NFT Trader Review In today’s NFT Trader review, we are showing you all you need to know about this crypto platform. Due to the fear of missing out (FOMO), a lot of people have turned to crypto over th... | Sep 27, 2022 20:47 | Sep 27, 2022 20:32 | Sep 27, 2022 20:30
The largest exchanges in Russia are ready to begin operating with cryptocurrencies right after authorities legalize cross-border settlements in crypto, according to a leading member of the Russian par... | Sep 27, 2022 20:30 | Sep 27, 2022 20:21
Market data shows that U.K investors may be turning to Bitcoin as their currency falls relative to the dollar. | Sep 27, 2022 20:17 | Sep 27, 2022 20:14
Bitcoin (BTC) energy requirement has been the highest source of concern regarding the crypto industry. During mining, its high consumption rate negatively impacts the environment. This issue could cau... | Sep 27, 2022 20:09
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