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Own a complete great designed website with cheapest price EVER
by Daniellera
(User last online: 13 hours ago)
Price: $345 (fixed price) in cryptocurrencies
This FULL PACKAGE includes: 1. A domain according to your pick for 1 YEAR (costs 7$ if you want to buy it yourself) 2. A 100mb HOSTING for 1 YEAR (costs 30$ if you want to buy it yourself) 3, packa...
I will make study related assignments: data scrubbing, proofreading, publishing,...
by QAweb
(User last online: 2 days ago)
Price: $45 per hour in cryptocurrencies
01-10 hours at $45 10-29 hours at $40 30-39 hours at $35 Can renegotiate by kilobyte and/or data depth and details
Quality Assurance 5 years experience - Test your blockchain app/mobile app/web a...
by LyonSsS
(User last online: 1 week ago)
Price: $12 per hour in cryptocurrencies
Hello, I have been testing several projects and have a combined experience of more than 5 years. During my last 3 years, I have tested several blockchain related projects, banking software, lending...
Web Developer & WordPress Expert, Maximize your business' website
by Samuel Rivera
(User last online: 3 weeks ago)
Price: $9 per hour in cryptocurrencies
I am a 3 years experienced Web developer, specialized in helping business owners on creating, upgrading and modernizing their websites so they can improve their business on the internet, providing bet...
Website For your Business
by Karim Rind
(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: $250 (fixed price) in cryptocurrencies
Hi, I am an Experienced UX and Web Designer, crafting innovative digital solutions for clients worldwide. I excel in Wordpress Development, with an experience of over 2 years in Wordpress theme custom...
Braintree Integration
by Vatsal Shah
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: $15 per hour in cryptocurrencies
Nowadays, having an awesome payment gateway is must part for any website. Braintree come with easy steps for users to pay from your website, also it has the best UI. Braintree is in booming demand f...
WordPress Security Fixes
by avocarod
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $25 in cryptocurrencies
I will remove malware or fix any security issues with your WordPress site.
Experienced Full Stack Web Developer
by Frankenmint
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: $80 per hour in cryptocurrencies
I am a maximalist for automation and have experience with deploying applications on Vultr, Digital Ocean, and AWS, plus, I also like to build cool stuff. As an accomplished full stack developer, I ta...
High Quality WordPress website for 0.12btc
by bestcoderneeded
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: $20 per hour in cryptocurrencies
I am a web and mobile developer experienced in PHP, Wordpress and Android development. I have been working on many wordpress and web projects and also on large projects.
Need a Shopify or Wordpress Site for your Business?
by angrydorkie
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $300 in cryptocurrencies
I have spent the last couple of years building Wordpress and Shopify sites for small businesses and local startups in my area (East Coast) and want to help you get your business online. I build mo...

Are you an WordPress freelancer and accepting cryptocurrencies?

Who are WordPress freelancers?

If you are looking to generate huge revenues from your WordPress website, then you may need to consider hiring a freelance WordPress developer. These developers create websites for clients based on their unique specifications and needs and are not bound by office environments or traditional working hours. Some WordPress freelancers may choose to work from home at their own convenience while others may work in a traditional office setting. These freelancers typically do not have direct managers but they report directly to their clients. Professional WordPress freelance developers possess various technical skills ad competencies that include web design, hands-on knowledge on various programming languages e.g JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS, JS etc as well as solid planning skills.

Benefits of Hiring WordPress Freelancers

Hiring a good developer for your WordPress site can be a daunting task and sometimes you may not even have a clue where to start. While the WordPress platform is free to use, not many people have enough knowledge about it to be able to create a compelling website. Here are some reasons why you may need to hire a freelance WordPress developer for your business website.

1. Experience and Expertise

Professional WordPress freelancers have many years of experience in the craft. These developers often specialize in WordPress hence they understand the platform front and back. They are able to develop responsive and attractive websites that can stand out from the many others on Search Engine Results Pages. Most freelance WordPress developers also know how to use plugins to build interactive websites. Sometimes building a WordPress website on your own involves a lot of trial and error and is also time consuming. It is therefore important to leave this job to the professionals for best results.

2. Cost-effective

Outsourcing your WordPress developers can save you a lot of money. However, you will need to hire the right professionals who can provide their services at a reasonable price as there are so many inexperienced developers available on the internet offering substandard services. It is important to conduct a thorough background check on the person you intend to hire to build your website which involves looking at samples of their past work.

3. Saves You Time

Most WordPress freelancers will be able to build a simple website within a few days but it may take longer if you want a more advanced website. Generally, these developers can work really quickly without compromising the quality of your website. Should you choose to build your own website, it might take you weeks or even months to complete the project. Getting your website up and running as soon as possible means that you will have to hire a developer who does it for a living.

You can easily find a freelance WordPress developer on the internet who will meet your specific design needs as quickly as possible. Some are even available for hire for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Stable Coins etc on reputable sites such as They will be able to build your WordPress website quickly and around your own time frame which will take the stress off you.