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Web Programming

Programming all Languages
by hos3in
(User last online: 7 hours ago)
Price: $20 per hour in cryptocurrencies
I am a programmer have skills in C#,C++,PHP, Java(Android) 10$ per hour or 1500$ per month thank you
Software engineer (Javascript/Typescipt, React.js and React eco-system, Node.js,...
by AntonV
(User last online: 1 week ago)
Price: $35 per hour in cryptocurrencies
I'm an experienced software engineer. My current technology stack consists of: Javascript/Typescipt, React + Eco- system, Node.js, GraphQL Apollo, Solidity/web3. I have experience with Java + Spring....
Python developer
by Abdelkhalek
(User last online: 2 weeks ago)
Price: $15 per hour in cryptocurrencies
My professional career has been running in three main separate but often closely related tracks: Computer Vision, Image Tracking and Deep learning. In the last four years, my work has been focused on...
Python/Node.js Developer (Remote)
by SmugOla
(User last online: 2 weeks ago)
Price: $18 per hour in cryptocurrencies
Hi there! I'm a 24-year-old developer from Texas. I specialize in Python and Node.js. You may find my Github here: I have experience with Express and React as well. I'm...
The Best Expert in C/Python, C++, C#, Java, Django, PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, A...
(User last online: 3 weeks ago)
Price: $30 per hour in cryptocurrencies
I'm a Blockchain/Web/Mobile/Desktop developer and designer proficient in both development and design across multiple platforms including: websites, iOS applications, Android applications, web apps and...
Code anything for you in Python , NodeJS, VueJs, Ag-Grid,
by Hitesh
(User last online: 3 weeks ago)
Price: starting at $20 in cryptocurrencies
Heavy development and scripting experience in Python and Javascript. Quantitative Analyst by profession at a large trading shop. Github : Linke...
Make an ICO for you!
by SaintCrypto
(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: $100 (fixed price) in cryptocurrencies
I make a cryptocurrency with crowdfund for you and deploy it live according to your specification!
I will create a whole or partial website design
by Rarivoson Andrianambinintsoa
(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $10 in cryptocurrencies
Computer scientist and economist by training, I am rather versatile. Added to my creativity and my autonomy, I stand out by the quality of the tasks that I accomplish. Very comfortable in front of...
Web/Graphic/Logo Designer & Front-end Developer with 2+ years of experience
by mksh_su
(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: $25 per hour in cryptocurrencies
Hello, my name is Michael. I have 2+ years of experience in freelancing, and I primarily work with: • Modern web design • Front-end development of any scale, from simple landing page to online s...
I will troubleshoot a code in .net
by DiegoCofre
(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $60 in cryptocurrencies
I'm a senior software developer, specialized in .net framework and other Microsoft tools. I can build, test and debug .net applications of any kind and size. Please check my linkedin profile, or conta...
Hi i'm from Venezuela and i need your help
by marco_2142
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $10 in cryptocurrencies
I'm facing extremely situation in my country, i'm Web Developer with 6 years of experience, i need work urgently thanks in advance
Are you guys looking for a Full Stack Web Developer with reasonable prices ? I’m...
by smithsmit
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: $25 per hour in cryptocurrencies
Hello Everyone! I am Full Stack Web Developer with 4 years of experience in web development. I excel in JavaScript and familiar with almost every JavaScript framework and eco system and many back e...

Are you an Web Programming freelancer and accepting cryptocurrencies?

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Who are Web Programming freelancers?

Web Programming freelancers

Web programming freelancers write code for a program or website to ensure it meets the requirement of a business. Freelancer converts the needs of the client into user-friendly and functional programs and website.

A Freelancer writes codes, markups that are used in the development of web which includes server scripting, web content and web client, which are major are part of the website. The languages used in web programming are HTML, XML, PHP and JavaScript.

Web programming freelancers can be categorized into two:

1. The server coding web programmer freelancer- The freelancer monitors and improves performance, security and retrieval of data. Tools used by programmers are java PHP,Lotus ,Notes and ASP .

2. The client coding web programmer freelancer- The programmer access and provide information to the user, improve the graphical and interface of the user. The freelancer uses java to improve the experience of the user and functionalities.

There tools such as Tersus and Opa that are used both by the server and client programmer.

Services offered by web programming freelancers are :

• Produce testable, clean functional codes.

• System requirement identification.

• Integrate back-end data.

• Use CSS/HTML to design web layout and user interface.

• Offer program repair and upgrade.

• Perform debugging and test to improve the performance of the program.

The internet is rapidly progressing over time, and with it, changes have occurred globally. The extensive use of internet brings more tools that are being used to improve web programming for freelancer hence positive impact on clients that dependent on web programming in their business.

Here are some benefits of freelance Web programming to a client business:

• Self-reliant

Help in streamlining the business, in that given a task, the client only needs to state the requirement clearly and freelancer is able to complete the task without supervision.

• Allow for flexibility

Freelance programmers can code any time and are not restricted by business hours hence there work delivery is good thus providing business a reliable and on time web site or changes to a program.

• Cost Effectiveness

Hiring a freelance is the most cost effective measure to take ,a freelancer expenditure is minimal compared to web programmer employed full-time in a business .The freelancer works remotely and mostly alone .

• Variety of skills and cost

When employing freelancers, you are in a position to hunt for the finest talent across the world. This is very recognizable in western countries, where they tend to look for places where the cost of labor is cheap with high quality of skill labor force .

• More innovative

Use the latest tool in improving the business website thus improving the performance of the business. Freelancers are not limited by attitudes that are pre-conceived.

• Better networking

By accessing the services of web programmers, the client will interact with people with different forms of coding and hence better programs and websites for the business.

Web programming freelancer are increasing opting for cryptocurrency applications due to background knowledge in Java ,SQL and C++ hence are available for hire for cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, stablecoins, etc...) on