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User Testing

I will make study related assignments: data scrubbing, proofreading, publishing,...
by QAweb
(User last online: 2 days ago)
Price: $45 per hour in cryptocurrencies
01-10 hours at $45 10-29 hours at $40 30-39 hours at $35 Can renegotiate by kilobyte and/or data depth and details
Quality Assurance 5 years experience - Test your blockchain app/mobile app/web a...
by LyonSsS
(User last online: 1 week ago)
Price: $12 per hour in cryptocurrencies
Hello, I have been testing several projects and have a combined experience of more than 5 years. During my last 3 years, I have tested several blockchain related projects, banking software, lending...
I will test a game (ps4, xbox, steam, etc)
by Ramzeeeh
(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $5 in cryptocurrencies
I am a console gamer (PS4) and a PC gamer (a laptop unfortunately) but can test your games with proper feedback from a gamer’s perspective

Are you an User Testing freelancer and accepting cryptocurrencies?

Who are User Testing freelancers?

User Testing freelancers Hiring people to test new products is a common practice in the corporate world. It could be a new product that you want users to test before you sell it to your customers or it may be a new system you want to test before you do a complete roll out. Many IT companies have to hire people to test new games, information systems, applications, and other types of products. The same happens in all industries since the production of new products is a continuous process. If you have a new product or system that you want to launch and do not know where to start from, try using the services of user testing freelancers.

Who Are User Testing Freelancers User testing freelancers are individuals who test products both digital and physical. User testing freelancers do not have to come to your office to test your product. User testing freelancers can test your product from any part of the world and give a detailed feedback. If you choose to hire the services of user testing freelancers, you lower the overall cost of testing your product. User testing freelancers are much cheaper and will not require other facilitations such as transport or office resources. Most freelancers are equipped with resources to test your new product without the need to come to your office. There are many user testing freelancers across the globe. If you wish to hire a user testing freelancer, you need to choose someone who understands the purpose of your product. In some cases, the purpose of the product is straight forward and anyone can offer relevant feedback. However, if you want to test a technical product, you need to find someone who has experience in that area. The first step to hiring the right user testing freelancer is conducting interviews. Talk to as many potential freelancers as possible to understand who has the right expertise. When hiring a user testing freelancer, you should let them know how the payments will be dispatched. In some cases, you may be forced to give some amount upfront to facilitate the work. In other cases, payments are only released after the test is complete.

When hiring a user testing freelancers, you also need to disclose the form of reward. In some cases, you may give out a free product in return you get free testing. You should set a goal that the testing freelancer must achieve if you want to be sure that the freelancer is doing a good job. After the work is done, you should release payments according to your agreement.

Where To Source User Testing Freelancers There are many sites where you can hire freelancers. Most sites that link freelancers and employers are available at a small fee. However, not all sites will provide legit freelancers. One of the most reliable user testing freelancers sites is This website offers a unique system where you get to choose the user testing freelancer on your own. You can view the freelancer's profile and compare their work to that of others. This site is also the most affordable since you are allowed to pay your freelancers using peer to peer payment options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, stablecoins.