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Audio Transcription

Pro Translator | Proofreader | Audiovisual Translation services [English/French...
by Incio_chc
(User last online: 1 week ago)
Price: $10 per hour in cryptocurrencies
My name is César Incio. I'm Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and Pro Translator 1:1 in the online translation platform Flitto, Inc. I also work in proofreading, transcription and subtitling. My a...
Virtual Assistance starting at $3.00 per hour!
by Kharma Scribbles
(User last online: 1 week ago)
Price: $3 per hour in cryptocurrencies
I live my day-to-day life online and have an extensive background in office administration and management for brick-and-mortar businesses. This is the beginning of my new focus of working remotely...
I will provide subtitles in several languages for a video
by Ricardo
(User last online: 3 weeks ago)
Price: starting at $15 in cryptocurrencies
English - Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) - English
English - Spanish Translator / Audio transcription
by Douglas
(User last online: 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $0.02 in cryptocurrencies
I'm a spanish native speaker, who's 100% fluent in english, I'll translate anything you need from English to Spanish or viceversa at a fair price! I guarantee coherence, anything i translate will carr...
I will Transcribe any Audio
by prjktmurphy
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $10 in cryptocurrencies
Hello there, I am a professional who will transcribe any audio or video for you. Provided the audio is in English I charge $8-10 for every 30 min of the audio, (Depending on the quality of the...
Audio transcription for $40 an audio hour
by haddock420
(User last online: more than 1 month ago)
Price: starting at $40 in cryptocurrencies
Hi, I've been doing audio transcription since 2014 and have transcribed hundreds of hours of audio in that time. I can accurately transcribe your audio for $40 an audio hour, adhering to whatever f...

Are you an Audio Transcription freelancer and accepting cryptocurrencies?

Who are Audio Transcription freelancers?

With advancement in technology, it means that many people all over the world are able to work from anywhere, and at any time with lots of flexibility. This includes transcription.

Unlike in the past where people had a shorthand typist at hand, ready to take in and note down on paper all that was being said, things are much easier now.

You can easily record your lectures, conferences, interviews and the rest, and have this information converted into text by a transcriptionist.

What Do They Do?

If you have your video or audio, you can outsource it to freelance transcriber, to convert the same into text. They download an audio recording which you have uploaded onto their email, or Google drive or any other site. Once they have your recording, they use professional software to listen, and type, convert the speech into text. Other than that, your freelance transcriptionist also delivers the most accurate report done manually, from your video or audio recording.

What Kind of Services They Provide

Basically, a transcriptionist's work is their ability to create a text form a given recording, whether in audio or video. They write down what another person is saying.

They use more advanced technology to listen to an audio convert into a clear text. For instance, if you have any recording on your smartphone or computer, you can quickly upload the same to your transcriptionist site or email. The freelancer transcriptionist then downloads what you have sent, and while using some recommended professional software, can listen and they type away your recording into text.

Again, a transcriber will ensure that the same text has topnotch grammar, great formatting, and any other requirements that from a highly accurate and professional text. For example, this person ensures that commas, periods, spellings are well- placed in the text.

What Is The Benefit For A Business Who Hires?

There are indeed so many benefits that a business stands to gain in having such freelancers.

- You can hire the very best from anywhere, and at any time you so feel.

- You get timely feedback from your transcriptionist, as per the agreed times.

- You can easily negotiate and agree on the most favorable terms of payment.

- You get the most accurate work in form of text from your recordings.

- There is a greater level of flexibility with working with a freelancer transcriptionist; work can be done at any time, or any day as you please, and they are mostly at your beck and call.

- Finally, your work does not have to wait in a queue; it will be picked by your transcriptionist, as soon as you upload it.


Freelancers are the way to go if you want quick turnaround time. It is because they can easily work within the agreed times, and your work does not have to wait forever to be done.

Besides, most professional transcribers have the ability to work with different kind of accents so it doesn’t matter which part of the globe your business is based, transcribers can do it all.

You also do not have to worry about style and grammar in the final work; you are sure that all these are well taken care of.